ur company undertakes metal working with both CNC and traditional machines. Our main profile is small series, tailor made manufacturing of industrial and machine parts produced with machining technology. We have excessive experience in manufacturing specific plastic parts.

We can provide the manufacturing of more complicated machine parts on our CNC machining centres and lathes with CAM software application.

Contract manufacturing

In case of free capacity, we can manufacture the requested machine parts based on the production drawing provided by the customer. Upon request we make the measurement report on the manufactured parts.

Domestic manufacturing technologies
  • 3D printing, on metal also
  • Wire and die sinking electrical discharge machining
  • All welding types
  • Laser engraving
  • Cylindrical, hole and flat grinding
  • CNC lathing
  • 3-4-5 axis CNC milling
  • Testing on 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • 3D design

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   Our plant


Boley BDN-160 CNC grinder

  • processing size: Ø160x350
  • precision: 0,01 mm

MAHO GR 200 E CNC grinder

  • processing size: Ø200x500
  • precision: 0,01 mm

TRENS SUI 500 CNC grinder

  • processing size: Ø500x1000
  • precision: 0,01 mm

TRENS SE520 CNC grinder

  • processing size: Ø500x1000
  • precision: 0,01 mm

IK 62 traditional grinder

  • processing size: Ø360x1000
  • precision: 0,1 mm

CA6140 traditional grinder

  • processing size: Ø400x750
  • precision: 0,05 mm

Vojus grinder

  • processing size: 1000x400x400
  • precision: 0,002 mm

Karstens cylindrical grinding

  • processing size: Ø200x500
  • precision: 0,002 mm

TOS W100A Horizontal drill

  • processing size: 1250x1250x1000
  • precision: 0,02 mm

MAS WKV 100 meter drill

  • processing size: 1400x900x650
  • precision: 0,01 mm

Deckel FP-1 universal drill

  • processing size: 300x160x340
  • precision: 0,05 mm

Hurco VMX 50

  • processing size: 1260x660x660
  • precision: 0,01 mm

Mikron UM900 HS

  • processing size: 900x600x600
  • precision: 0,01 mm

Deckel DMC103V

  • processing size: 1000x600x600
  • precision: 0,005 mm

HERA 12.10 3D CNC measuremaschine

  • processing size: 1200x1000x800
  • precision: 0,0005 mm

TCA 50 EMEL columndrill

  • processing size: 300
  • precision: 0,1 mm

Forte automatic saw

  • processing size: 250
  • precision: 0,3 mm

BOM STG band saw

  • processing size: 330
  • precision: 0,5 mm

Maho MH800 universal cutters

  • processing size: 800x600x400
  • precision: 0,05 mm

VUMA EIR 006 E wire spark

  • processing size: 300x250x150
  • precision: 0,01 mm



About us

2002 – year of foundation. The Company started its activity as a 100% Hungarian private equity Limited Partnership. Its main profile was the development and manufacturing of machines and test technology equipments - leak down, cold and hot test procedures - related to the automotive manufacturing processes.


Cím:  H-9028 Győr, Fehérvári út 75. (Integrál Park 403.)
Mail: revotec@revotec.hu

Tel: +36-96/311-281
Fax: +36-96/900-178
Mobil: +36-20/330-6285


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