The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations awarded the Revo-Tec Machinery Ltd. with the Genius Loci Prize – Companies and Entrepreneurs for Talents 2017 to acknowledge its exemplary work in supporting young Hungarian talents.
The purpose of The Genius Loci Prize – Companies and Entrepreneurs for Talents is to reward and acknowledge the endeavours of companies and entrepreneurs working in Hungary and Hungarian inhabited areas of the Carpathian Basin to support talents.
The award is passed annually since 2015 by the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations. The award was given in three categories again in 2017 – Local, Regional and National.
Recruitment, high-level training and retention of creative talented workers are important parts of companies’ competency. The representatives of business life are aware that a young talent enters the workforce after long years of training, development and conscious talent promotion. There are several such companies and micro companies which recognise and support the process of talent promotion in cooperation with the talent support organisations, ensuring the creation of competitive knowledge of young talents.
That is why the founder of the Prize, The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations, with awarding the Genius Loci Prize, wants to call the attention to those innovative initiations and good practices to follow, with which the business enterprises and entrepreneurs working in Hungary and the Hungarian inhabited territories of the Carpathian Basin contribute to the work of the Talent Points, Talent Supporting Committees and other institutions, organisations in their neighbourhoods, the unfolding of young talents and the creation of an attractive social surrounding for them.



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2002 – year of foundation. The Company started its activity as a 100% Hungarian private equity Limited Partnership. Its main profile was the development and manufacturing of machines and test technology equipments - leak down, cold and hot test procedures - related to the automotive manufacturing processes.


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