The Revo-Tec Design, Manufacture and Service Company won 35.492.294 HUF EU support for “Site Development” in framework of the New Széchenyi Plan. The company has not only renovated a 2000 m2 hall but also created new workplaces from 70 million HUF investments.

The Revo-Tec Company was established in 2002 to provide engineering, technical counselling and metalworking activities. The increased number of clients and the customer expectations demand for capacity increase and the application of bigger work machines and latest technologies. In 2011, a significant machine investment was carried out and for 2012 and 2013 further investments were planned so the Company needed a much larger place.

A steel reinforced concrete structure factory hall was purchased with offices and social rooms the restoration of which was the subject of this project.

The building consists of a ground floor and a first floor. On the ground floor there is the machine hall, the boiler room and the social rooms; the offices and the joint social block can be found on the first floor.

The activities of the project were: basic infrastructure development (the yard and the parking lot were paved) and building restoration (door and window replacements, plaster boarding, insulation, modernisation of the electrical system, roof insulation, regulation of the mechanical system and establishing of a solar system).

With the investment the Company was able to keep 18 workplaces and create 3 new ones.


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About us

2002 – year of foundation. The Company started its activity as a 100% Hungarian private equity Limited Partnership. Its main profile was the development and manufacturing of machines and test technology equipments - leak down, cold and hot test procedures - related to the automotive manufacturing processes.


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